Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Nayatel eFax?
Nayatel eFax replaces traditional fax machine and enables users to send and receive faxes using Internet through a personal password protected web based account.
Which number will be allocated for Nayatel eFax?
You’d be allocated an account and permanent seven digit fax number with Islamabad area code, 051.
How I can check my incoming faxes?
Fax will be received directly into user’s eFax web account Inbox and also given email address. You can check your incoming fax by logging into your web based eFax account or accessing your email inbox.
How can I access my eFax account?
You can access your eFax account by entering your eFax Login and Password.  To login, please click HERE.
How can I send faxes?
By using your web account, you can send fax to any of your desired number by just uploading your required pdf or tiff file.
Can I send Fax anywhere in the world?
Yes, you can send fax anywhere in the world.
How I can change my login password?
To change your password, first login into your account and then go to Settings.
Is there any charges of incoming faxes?
No, incoming faxes are absolutely free
What are charges for outgoing faxes?
For sending faxes, Nayatel standard rates to worldwide destinations would apply.  To see the tariff, visit Voice Call Tariff
Shall I receive any notifications in case FAX will be unable to send?
Yes, you will receive email notifications in case the fax will be unsuccessful to send.
Can I schedule my fax to send?
Yes, you can schedule your faxes.
Is there any cost savings if I use Nayatel eFax?
Yes, Nayatel eFax user saves cost of fax machines, toner and paper.
Is there any support available in case I need?
Yes, Nayatel eFax comes with 24x7 telephonic and email support.